Deep learning of possible logical courses of action — using digits

Hello All,


I would like to recommend my idea concerning the use of arabic numerals (and other signs as well) for training AIs to selelct the right logical course of action.

" The applications of commercial AI techs are now becoming pretty much widespread and with the tremendous capacity boom regarding processing speed, storage size and sensory sensitiveness these are yielding more and more for the industry. But every time it comes to the age-old question, whether "could machines one day think as humans do?" there is no clear answer yet. The human decision is not necessarily based on sensing  and comparison with the full knowledge  - but on the possible ensuing logical course of action. And here I try to provide a possible way to getting the machines think more similar to the humans. "

Read the full (and CCA3.0-enabled, so public domain) article here:


I would like to read your thoughts about it :)


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