Welcome to Data Mining Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

This is a community of Data Scientists and people interested those topics. We are all here to help each other with projects, get advice, discuss technology and Artificial intelligence, and much more. This site was born from Facebook public group. Please visit us there as well!

Please post all job postings in the Job Posting thread. Commercial promotion of blogs, websites, articles in this group are forbidden. Also, please write at least a sentence or two of introductory text when posting links, as to distinguish your content from spam. If all you post is a link with no preview or introductory text, most members will not click the link, and your post will likely be removed. For questions please contact one of the moderators!

If you are interested in being a moderator, let us know! Job Posting Thread: https://www.dmmlai.com/forums/job-postings Where do I Start? Wikipedia and Google first. Then ask in the forums.

We'll start putting together a Learning tree page soon with your feedback!